Space Trance Mix: Time Away – Mind Awake

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The album: Time Away – Mind Awake
Keep your mind awake and keep it focused. There are stories hidden in stories hidden in stories on this album!

Release date: 27-10-2017 on Legacy of Thought label:

The Mixing order:
01. Time Away feat. Sleepingenius, Irene Marki, Der Bischof, Athinaniki, Nocturnal Rose and Kathleen Payton – Mind Awake Body Asleep
02. Time Away – The God Key
03. Time Away & Irene Makri – Colours of Sleep
04. Time Away & Indii Moon – Tears of the Lover
05. Time Away feat. Indii Moon – World Assassin
06. Time Away – Passing in Paradise
07. Time Away & Kathleen Payton – Siracoya (Amazons in Space Remix)
08. Time Away & Yellow-Belly – A Kiss Goodnight

The artwork:
Roberto Sass:

Chris Held:

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Time Away:
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