Romantic Dinner Music Mix – Chill Out & Lounge setting Playlist mix (1 hour)

Over one hour of romantic Chill Out dinner music in this very intimate mix.
Makes you enjoy your company even more.
Taken from the album “Romantic Dinner Music – Chill Out & Lounge Music Setting”

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  1. I have found the tracklist for this video:

    1. Love Theme – Onside
    2. Chill out Music – Chill Out
    3. Moments in Love – Adam Story
    4. If You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Caro & El Club Vigil
    5. Chi Mai – Milk
    6. State of Liberty – Candide
    7. I Want You Now – The Collective
    8. Conglacio – JH from South
    9. Take Me Higher – Chill out Version – Louis Sebastian
    10. Albatross – Savastino Contempi
    11. En Tus Ojos – Caro & El Club Vigil
    12. Silver Lining – Ambient Chill Version – Nils Erikson
    13. Leave the Future Behind – Evolver
    14. The Reason – Joanes South
    15. Under the Palms – Aeropuerto
    16. Tequila Sunrise – Adam Story
    17. Fly by Night – Aeroporto
    18. Rising – Soothing Sounds

  2. Hi DelsolRecordings, I really like this album and thank you very much for sharing..Btw, What is the title of the song at 46:31. That is my favourite .Thank you for your help 🙂

  3. how about we just knock off the glasses off the table and make passionate love…♥;-)
    This is how I picture it. My arms and legs spread wide open and you kissing my entire body with devotion and love….the universe is amazingly happy…♥;-)

  4. I would be just starring into your eyes all night with love and complete silence….we will be feeling each other arms, feet and kisses like forever….I don't care what other folks think of us….there's no ill in true love….hey don't forget the candles!…fml♥ P.S. Bring those chairs closer together so I could feel you too!….

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