Pusha T – 3D Dope (Full Mixtape 2018)

01. Pusha T – Untouchable
02. Pusha T – Lunch Money
03. Pusha T – All American
04. Pusha T – Kilo Champ Feat Mayalino & Scarface
05. Pusha T – Night Rider Feat Major Lazer, Travis Scott & 2 Chainz
06. Pusha T – Push It Feat Ishi
07. Pusha T – Rico Freestyle
08. Pusha T – MOB Feat JR Castro
09. Pusha T – That Aint Love Feat Raz Simone & Leezy Soprano
10. Pusha T – Bussin Moves Feat Quentin Miller
11. Pusha T – How Could You Forget Feat Trey Songz
12. Pusha T – Trust Issues Feat Kevin Gates
13. Pusha T – Alone In Vegas
14. Pusha T – Nostalgia Feat Kendrick Lamar
15. Pusha T – Snitch Feat Pharrell
16. Pusha T – Rap Monument
17. Pusha T – The Deep End Feat Wale
18. Pusha T – Pyscho Rmx Feat Rozzi Crane
19. Pusha T – Machine Gun
20. Pusha T – Meltdown Feat Lorde, Q-Tip, Haim & Stromae
21. Pusha T – Bugatti Feat Tiga

Pusha T – 3D Dope (Full Mixtape 2018)
Pusha T – 3D Dope (Full Mixtape 2018)
Pusha T – 3D Dope (Full Mixtape 2018)


  1. ★♪♪♥♠₱Û$H∆"†"♦♣♪♪•·
    ♪♪♪★♪♪bodied ¶u$§¥ @$S fake 'drake'ßit¢h*©um c®eam cake softer than ångel flake$ [email protected] PU$HÅ"T" is a B|G mi$take!* PUSHIN' COCAINE WEIGHT!*drizzy far from straight,, gay drake lyric§-lgbt- exterminated as wheelchair jimmy'$ FATE* † "wake"*
    closed casket bastard Canadian [email protected] ain't ratchet!!!* @$S kicked!!!* drake needs practice in PHIL∆*..PU$HA'T' a real killah`!!!* THRILLER!!!!* VA→ KILO'$ "∅'$"* gram$ pound$
    " GOT IT FOR CHEAP "niGga malice* drug tactic$* drake'$ an actress on his mattress!* adlibs, niGgaz ghostwriting his wack $#|t!* he hu$tlin' [email protected]¢kward$,,,got slapped QUIK by another bitch-diddy*LOL!!*got spit 0ⁿ by "FIDDY" ¢€n†
    drake SUX raptor d*¢k!!!!*
    drake swallows + sips milky queer sips of his lover'$ d*¢k. Drake needs ² QUIT.* ….as PU$HA"†" EVICT$!!!!! !!! !* [email protected]$†∆ $#|t !!!!! * [email protected] $î¢k lyrically RICH. "FULL CLIP$" Peace to PHARRELL & `da CLIPSE*

  2. pusha please caught drake head off he too soft for hip hop too bitchy i am so happy there's a god out there a hip hop one at that that could see what I can't see I remember seeing your twin brother n he showing me love on 42 man u got to make that night go back to Canada retire you got to make that nigga cry like cardi b made Nikki cry feel me u got to hard no one man could take on a whole state of America is that a fact are fiction

  3. Respect to Puaha t. You is keeping NY alive since you was born here in the bx, but I respect you showing VA luv you grow up there. Bro just stay true to the music. I luv what you doing…

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