MALDIVES Relaxing Chill-Out Luxury Lounge


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Official Playlist

1. Lemongrass – Deep River (feat Jane Maximova)
2. Around Midnight – Skylent
3. Five Seasons – Bare Feet (feat Gushi)
4. Mark Oakland – Sleeping Flower
5. Placid Larry – Here
6. Paul Hardcastle – The Truth Shall Set You Free
7. Mark Oakland – Simple Debris
8. Synapsis – Alluring Force (Stray Theories remix)
9. Ibiza On My Mind – Playground
10.Sandstorm – Into the Blue
11.Playground – Dreaming
12. Paul Hardcastle – Summer Love
13. Playground – Easy Motion
14. Five Seasons – Sweet Secrets
15. Behind The Scenes – Lemongrass (feat Jane Maximova – original mix)
16. Placid Larry – Weary Drifter (feat Franky Flowerz)


  1. What is the song that starts at 28:00? That has got to be the saddest song I've ever heard. Its the love of my life singing, my soul mate calling to me, hoping I can find her before its too late

  2. Bogdan, what do you support? Sound is great, but, to me, it looks more and more like an infomercial…at least…love NEW YORK Metropolitan Chillout Luxury Lounge!

  3. I like the one that starts when they show the inside pavillion. I love this video music combination more than anything I think I have ever seen on youtube. I think maybe I just really need it at this point in my life. It is so life re-affirming. So calming. I feel like everything will be just fine. Thank you for posting. Thank you deeply,

  4. Bonjour, à partir de 42 minutes, vous avez plagié la mélodie d'acidose label, protégée sous le numéro : D32122-16224, Yldie Mareva;; NOUS ALLONS ENCORE AUTHENTIFIER CECI AVEC NOTRE AVOCAT

  5. hola Bogdan, quiero saber de ti: de donde eres, de donde es la imagen, de quién es la música, como te nació la idea de musicalizar la imagen, saludos desde CDMX (ciudad de méxico en el continente Americano).

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