Joe Budden – 4 The Culture (2018) Mixtape

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1. Star Wars (00:00)
2. Rage Freestyle Ft Styles P (04:41)
3. Just Because (Drake Diss) (07:06)
4. New Jerz S*** (10:26)
5. Pain In His Life (Saigon Diss) (13:32)
6. Time Bomb Ft Worm (18:45)
7. We Don’t Give A Fuck Freestyle (25:13)
8. Haters Pt. 2 (27:58)
9. Blood Pressure (G-Unit Diss) (32:12)
10. Green Lantern Freestyle (35:06)
11. Why Can’t We (38:33)
12. Nobody Loves Me Ft Stack Bundles (42:59)
13. Game Over (Game Diss) (45:35)
14. Is This My Life Ft Ransom (50:03)
15. Here & Now Ft Covarsi (52:39)

Joe Budden – 4 The Culture (2018) Mixtape


  1. I can't believe I just listened to this trash! I had to check u out due to all the shit tallk. Tried to give u a chance. But, Low n behold ur shit really does suck. I hear lots of dudes giving u credit from ur past but, riding a wave while hiding behind past relevents earns no credit. That's called bad credit. The difference between u n shady besides the obvious, he just proves why he's not a goat but, thee goat again n again. Sorry if u can't handle people critiquing ur shit, especially after all the shit I watched u talk about having an opinion. But, dude "no way could u ever compete with Eminem" sorry homie nobody has been able to yet, u ain't alone so don't feel to bad.

  2. If I LIKED The FIRST BEAT Then THAT Would Be "Sweet" but it was CORNY!,
    His LYRICS WEREN'T but The first f**kin' Beat Track Just BORED me!,
    The Second Beat was BETTER than The FIRST,
    BUT The Subject Matter was WORSE!,
    The 3RD? The REPEATED Reverb needed An UNDERTAKER AND A HEARSE!,
    By The 4th? I HEARD it BEFORE! & I'mmmmm…..STILL NOT IMPRESSED!,
    It isn't EXACTLY "Wiz-HACK! ",
    but I'd RATHER hear Some Old HOT!…Peedi fk'in CRIZZAKK!

  3. One of the best ever lyrically!!! Hands down Eminem will be Joe in the long run but trust and believe slim Gonna walk out that fight with some major bulbs and bruises

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