HIp Hop Mix on Akai XR20

Pretty Simple beat I guess, all done on the Akai XR20… Tell me what you guys think_


  1. Hey man ur probably not reading this but I really like ur Beat and make beats with the akaixr20 myself but I'm only young (13) so I would love for u to check them out


  2. i wish this machine can make the sounds of Araab think this machine is posible to do that?.your demo is good .but thats all the machine can offer? i guess i would needs alot of learning curve.?let me know what you think check out AraabMuzik.thats why i want one..i just saw this AkaiXR20 used on sale.wondering if i should buy it..

  3. Nicely done, I have an Akai XR 20, do you know how to record a voice into it? I haven't been able to even after looking at the manual.Obviously you plug a mic in the 1/4" jack, then? set to user, not preset, then?

  4. good shit.. you should soooo make me a link to this beat so i could rap to it cause you dropped that shit sooo hot. that was tough.. hit me up

  5. @pennylucychassis you have to go to record setup. keep hiting the page button above the number pad to the right until u see beat use the dec/inc button or the data wheel to choose the number of seconds

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