GØA Trance Mix ॐThe Ancestorsॐ

“Dark Goa” aka “Progressive Goa” aka “Psychedelic” is a GOA/Psytrance hybrid that was born in the very late years of the Goa Trance period.

Labels like Matsuri rec. Flying Rhino, Aurinko, Atomic rec. and Schlabbaduerst Rekkords “invented” and supported this kind of Goa from around 1997-2002 on their releases with passion.

Even If this sub genre had a life time of roughly 5 years, this kind of Goapsy is very rare and often forgotten. It is just a perfect mixture of melodic goa groove and cold metallic tribalism known from good techno or psytrance.
All in all Dark Goa has a more serious, deep and mature sound than his brother from 1996.

My first touch with this sound was when i discovered the label Glowing flame Records. This music evolved slowly into something we call Twilight Fullon/Forest Fullon nowadays.

Have fun with this high quality produced rare gem of Goa Trance!

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1.Battle of the Future Buddhas – Drums in The Deep
2.Slinky Wizard – Fistfull of Mutants
3.Tim Schuldt – Animatronic
4.Ka-Sol – Riddle II
5.Nirmanakayas – X-Aler
6.Kopfuss Resonator&Jorg – Whipbird
7.Slinky Wizard – Beautiful People(Bus Remix)

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Mixed by DJ Deadrah

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