Gangsta RAP | Gangster Hip Hop + 🔈 EXTRA BASS 🔈 Music 2019 MIX!! #everyday #fristvideo #basssongs

READ!! Hi guys! Welcome to all of our viewers who are here and watching the music mix I hope you liked it, this would be my first video and would like to upload more music and videos to this channel, besides 1000 subscribers with an Extra package to you don’t have to do anything other than signing up for my channel, letting go and commentbele office: Every day! Thank you for reading, nice day;)


  1. Hi! Commentel calmly, discourage your opinion that you would get such a video on the channel or not, sorry if I can't read all the comments and get to it, but I'll try the best for everyone. I know this mix is ​​not so good, but I promise you I'm trying to bring you better, you just have to tell me what's good and what's wrong or maybe what you want to do! (Don't forget to draw a draw: Every day because you might still win it.)🔊😉🔊

Dj Funk – Freaky Style #1 – Chicago Ghetto House Juke Classics Booty House Barney’s

Bass | House | Hip Hop – INSTAGRAM DJLawrenceJames