Eurodance classic 90s (Dance mix)

Eurodance classic 90s (Dance mix)
1.Loree Williams-I Keep Lovin’ You 00:00
2.Pearl feat. Zaradika – Celebrate (radio mix) 03:25
3.Passpar-2 feat. Sydney Fresh & MC J – My Fantasy (Radio Mix) 07:17
4.Reggy O – Move My Body (Extended Mix) 11:05
5.Sirius – This Is My Life (137 bass kick mix) 16:53
6.Sharif – Pearls Of Peace 22:50
7.Stanley Foort – Love Makes The World Go Round 26:35
8.Shannon James – Far Away (Factory Team Edit) 30:29
9.Shine – By The Light Of Nature 35:40
10.The Free – Children Of The Night 39:45
11.Rama – Light My Fire (Optical 2 Hit Mix) 45:21
12.Vertical Vibe – Everybodys Free (Extended Mix) 49:09


  1. I liked the fact you used underground Eurodance in your mix not many mixes like yours on YT, which makes me wonder do you know any Eurodance songs in different languages, if you do i think it be great if you did a mix of those songs. Btw amazing work hope ypu keep uploading more kick ass bideos man.

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