Dub Techno, Minimal, Ambient Mix – 2016 (#109)

Dub Techno, Minimal, Ambient Mix – Trip On This 109 (2016)


01. Alveol – Skyline Dub
02. Christoph Schindling – Progress Part 1
03. Katsuyuki Taguchi – Mirror
04. Kraut Sounds – Night Moves
05. Advanced Dreams – Long Squares of the Fields (Yuri Gagarin Edit)
06. Belekaip – Na2du4z-6 – leaving dark side of the moon
07. Belekaip – Cut-Zero
08. Frank Sebastian – Greeley Haven
09. Eyescream – Pillrider
10. Kraut Sounds – Laguna Beach
11. Arcarsenal – Universal Breath Medicine
12. Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off
13. The Reverberated Note – Son Ganxo

All credits of tracks and arts by side artists goes to the authors of those tracks and arts. Fair use (non-commercial), with the purpose of support only.

Multi-Genre: Dub Techno, Ambient, Minimal Techno, Atmospheric, Deep Soundscapes


  1. De très bons passages pour un mix extrêmement réussi. A recommander pour jouer au poker en ligne par exemple (j'ai gagné quelques tournois avec cette musique sans affirmer un lien de cause à efet mais quand même…) Merci !

  2. i have a major tinnitus problem .. i use your dub techno mixes(trip on this serries) stay calm ..and listen to the mix ..that help me to NOT focus on the tinnitus.. as back ground music .. a few weeks now .. just your mixes on and on and on … even got one downloaded for in my car.. .. a big thank you S-Tv <3

  3. this mix is one of the best. it has a unique sound, those tracks sound really really different from the other mixes i've downloaded. thank you very much. peace

  4. nice progression all the way through!!!! very well planned and compiled! reminds me of a global underground set but with more dub and of course ambient or chill!!!!! I never write reviews but had to make a note one this!!!

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