Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2016 \ Jazz · Instrumental · Hip Hop

We’re happy to present our new compilation to you all, enjoy! 🙂
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▬ Tracklist ▬
0:00 Brock Berrigan – So In Love
2:01 Mono:Massive – Somewhat
5:40 Mo Anando – In Bloom
10:28 AO Logics – Cat N Johnny
13:16 Guggenz – This Love I’ve Met
17:23 L’Indécis – Staying There
20:55 Handbook – Come Close
24:14 GlobulDub – Foreign Exchange
27:12 Birocratic – Castles In My Cup
30:30 GYVUS – Tôzen
33:21 P.R. – Lavender
36:01 SoulChef – Springtime
39:05 A June & J Beat – Saturday Night Movies
42:34 FloFilz – Quintal
44:56 Gorila – Dus
47:39 Dephrase – Songs I Never Wrote
50:35 Aso – Coolin Out

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◄► If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact with me via the “about” tab of our channel and we will delete it immediately (this includes artists of the images used).


  1. I'm on the late boat with listening to all of this great music on YouTube. Didn't know it existed up until a few days ago. I am glad I subbed to yours as well.

  2. Yo check it, if only the rain could clear out the pain in this melodrama, reach for your mama if you still got one, son
    Times are hard but ain't nobody going out far enough to see what it's really all about
    I scream and shout at the thought of going out without I bang
    Can't hang my flag up or close the curtain if I ain't certain that there something left for me to prove
    I'm finna make a move and leave a clue for the fools in the back row missing the show play it in slow mo and keep it cool calm collected ain't got nothing to loose but once you step in the booth it's all or nothing
    I'll think of something til I'm all out and it's clear that I revear no one but the holiest
    If I could spread the word without seeming absurd
    Take a leap of faith and make a last minute turn
    Spark up another J and burn til the sun comes up
    I'm coming up

  3. Fuck around and get lost in this maze
    I'm lost in the days of my past, nevermind it's just a phase it won't last
    Soul was stranded but now I've landed in home turf for what it's worth
    These words will never stop spilling, the truth revealing itself and wealth suddenly pouring in, I'm giving in
    Love has struck me like lighting
    It's frightening to think that if I blink too soon I'll miss my chance to dance with the right Queen
    The things I've seen don't seem to harm me anymore
    And I'm sure I owe it all to nothing but love from above

Improvised fidget house mix