chill hip hop mix vol. 1

little mix i put together

J-Walk – Soul Vibration 0:00
Dr. Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought 3:43
Aim – The Force feat. Qnc 7:57
Blockhead – Carnivores Unite 12:03
Kendrick Lamar – Keisha’s Song (Her Pain) feat. ASHTROBOT 16:40
White Shadow of Norway – Rap Thugs (Instrumental) 20:24
Aim – Ain’t Got Time to Waste feat. YZ 24:01
Goldfish – Mbira Beat 28:09
Binary Star – Reality Check 33:16
Billy Wright – Summer Love 37:15
Squashy Nice & Ad – Lifetime Season 41:11
Aim – From a Seaside Town 44:14
Deadbeats – Funky For You 50:04
Mark Farina – Modern Women’s Short Stories 55:34
The Foreign Exchange – Happines (Intrsumental) 58:59
Nujabes – Feather feat. Cise Starr & Akin from Cyne 1:03:47



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  3. Very nice mix man, thanks 🙂 For those who would like to discover other nice hip hop songs, I also make playlists so you can come and check my channel. Peace !

  4. Your production of these mixes serve a purpose yet discovered by all of us, including yourself.  All I know is that it is here in this universe for something big. Something absolutely incredible. I speak on behalf of all these positive comments and myself when I say please keep it up, you're doing the world a favor. In fact you might even being steering lives in wonderful new directions! Thank You for providing

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