Awesome acid & techno mix part 1

This is the best 303 mixed with the hardest technobass, in history.
Aqua contact – la sirena
Ongaku – Mihon #3
Brain 30 – Brain Train (psycho TB 303 mix)
Deh-Noizer – Metadrome
Shlømo – Hardwave
Jan Driver – Arp Impression pt 3
Michael Schwarz – Pathogenese
Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire – Diablo
Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass – Extreme Compote
Bas Mooy & Ortim Cam – white pony
Subfractal – blast
Workidz – washmachine
Fat Boy Slim – Tweakers delight
Alexander Kowalski – Start chasing (extrawelt remix)
Deh-Noizer – Jungle
Junk Project – Braintool
Juan Kue & David Padilla – willys
Speedy J – edlx (Chris Liebing edit)
Hardcell & Grindvik – Boiling points
Pfirter – Zwang (alex bau repaint)
Drumloch – A8X (Jan Fleck remix)
Alex Bau – Bullet in your heart (pfirter repaint)
Woody McBride – Elctris
The Micronauts – acid party (Luca Agnelli remix)
Edge of Motion – Set up 707
Jeff Mills – Step to the enchantment
Da Goose (Peaky Pounder) – Phynky Phone (innerdrive mix)
Mauro Picotto – Baguette
Leftfield – Double Flash
New Order – Confusion (pump panel mix)
Deh-Noizer – Rational
Dave Clarke – Just ride
Freaky’s Fatal – Open da house
Thomas Schumacher – Embody
Solar Quest – Acid air raid (George’s all nighter)
Los Brasileros – Vivo (Eric Sneo mix)
Gabry Fasano – Life Cycles
Alex Bau – Halifax funk
Mauro Picotto – Bangkok
The Advent & Industrialyzer – High Octane
Dj Gizmo – Tested


  1. Was guckst du lan? Mach korrekte techno bass!

    Tweakers delight! ¦D I have it as a CD single — it's on the B-side of Rockafeller Skank. I found it inside an abandoned house! I already had Gangster Trippin and Praise you CD singles.

    Many of his best tracks are actually B-sides: Sho Nuff, Remeber Your Teeth, Always Read the Label.

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