‘April Rain’ ~ Chillout/Post Rock/Post Metal/Instrumental Mix by MiXeR

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0:00 April Rain – This Sky Is Meant To Grow
5:16 April Rain – Waiting For Sunrise
12:40 April Rain – I Loved You On This Day
19:35 April Rain – Leaving leaves
21:44 April Rain – Paroxysm Of Happiness
30:46 April Rain – Constant Uncertainty Of Your Universe
36:16 April Rain – Come Back Quicker Please
43:00 April Rain – Deadman On Vacation
48:55 April Rain – Empty space odyssey
52:00 April Rain – Exploring Yourself With A Knife
59:25 April Rain – Happiness Is When You Can Return
1:04:16 April Rain – Last Cry Of A Whale Casted Ashore
1:13:26 April Rain – Majdanek Of Mine
1:21:20 April Rain – Missing someone Ive never seen
1:23:41 April Rain – My Silent Angel
1:28:36 April Rain – One Is Glad To Be Of Service
1:38:28 April Rain – Soulmate
1:44:42 April Rain – Sutekina d
1:47:50 April Rain – The Closest, The Farthest
1:53:46 April Rain – Walking With Zeus` Wife
1:59:54 April Rain – You Are Playing On The Golden String


April Rain




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“female vocal mix 2014” female vocal , female vocal mix, best female vocal mix //Female vocal//


  1. I'll be honest, I really like this sort of music but putting random voice lines from movies/tv shows/speeches is kind of annoying and comes across as trying too hard to be '2deep4u'.

    Other than that, this is good stuff.

  2. Hey bro nice music!! I really dig it! I was gonna ask if I can use a few songs to make a vocal EP. Trying to collaborate​ with different people and I'll also credit you.

  3. I think it were better if you used original english dialogue from 'Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' because you've had potential to deliver same message to large audience of people, but now you are limited to russians. 🙂

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