80’s Nonstop Mix – Request Time Vol.01 [Edited]

80’s Nonstop Mix – Request Time
Synth-pop,Italo-Disco,Eurobeat,Hi NRG,etc…
Full version:
Request Time Vol.02:

01.Donna Summer – I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
02.Finzy Kontini – In The Name Of Love
03.Pamela – Is For You
04.Sonia – You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You
05.Rick Astley – Together Forever
06.Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky—-Deleted for copyright issues—-
07.Sinitta – Toy Boy
08.Michael Fortunati – Give Me Up
09.Taco – Got To Be Your Lover
10.Donna Summer – This Time I Know It’s For Real
11.Max Coveri – Bye Bye Baby
12.Trisha – Everytime You Want
13.Coo Coo – Upside Down—-Deleted for copyright issues—-
14.Tasha – You Only You
15.Jenny Kee – Somebody’s Loving
16.Virgin – Only You
17.Antonella – Supersonic Level
18.Bananarama – I Heard A Rumor
19.Max Coveri & Radiorama – One Two Three
20.Michael Fortunati – Into The Night
21.Mela – Help Me
22.Eddy Huntington – Meet My Friend
23.Mara – Wonderful Time
24.Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom
25.Alpha Town – Power Of Magic
26.Maio & Co. – Black Power
27.Green Olives – Jive Into The Night
28.Dead Or Alive – Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
29.F.C.F. – Bad Desire
30.King Kong & D.Jungle Girls – Boom Boom Dollar
31.Dex – Bang Bang Bang
32.Frank Torpedo – Bang Bang
33.Eskimo – Love & Fantasy
34.Virginelle – Fantasy
35.Kelly Marshall – Now I Know
36.King & Queen – King And Queen


  1. はじめまして!ドストライク過ぎて胸がザワザワしました!当時高校生くらいだったかなぁ…。ありがとうございます。

  2. このMixはすごい!私の考える哀愁ユーロのベスト曲がほとんど揃っていますね。これだけどストライクでパーフェクトなMixは聴いたことないぐらいです!

  3. 今から、25年前新宿のディスコで良く彼女と踊りまくっていました‼非常に懐かしくて最高😃⤴⤴です。そして、かっこいいぜユーロ最高

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